RESUME An elusive evil has taken over Mexico. Twenty years ago, the screams of young women echoed in the northern regions of the country, victims of unprecedented misogynistic fury. Behind the volcanoes of the capital, hundreds more suffered the same fate in recent years. Elsewhere, farmers, students as well as travellers disappear from roads while several journalists are gunned down. This climate of impunity opens the door to all abuses, and the entire country lives in terror. Some raise their voices, denouncing and investigating, while others, armed with shovels and trying to avoid ambushes, look for the missing people. As testimonies and discoveries add up, the truth slowly emerges.


Written and directed by Julien Elie
Cinematographers Ernesto Pardo, François Messier-Rheault

Picture editor Aube Foglia
Original music Mimi Allard
Sound Daniel Capeille, Gabriel Villegas,
Mimi Allard, Bernard Gariépy Strobl

Production manager Amaia Aldamiz
Executive producer Richard Brouillette
Producer Julien Elie
Produced by Cinéma Belmopán and División Del Norte Distribution Fun Film |

154 min. | B&W | 2018